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Some time ago, the owners of a $25 billion retail company hired the well known UX consultant Jared Spool to review their website, recommend changes and increase sales. He looked at the website traffic, and found that after selecting what they wanted to buy, customers would abandon their shopping carts, right before the point where they would enter their payment details and push the “Buy” button. This occurred so often, the company worked out it caused an estimated loss of $300 million per year in revenue, and the company had no idea why. Mr Spool then brought in users to…

When we work on projects, we are often pressured by timelines and stakeholders to move on with our designs as quickly as possible. We need to be able to advocate the value of iterative design, to ensure that we are building the right thing, in the right way.

We’ve all worked on projects with tight deadlines. You’ve completed your research and analysis, but time is tight, and the stakeholders are keen to see progress, often so that they can show it to their superiors. You find yourself pressured into producing designs, where you only have one round of changes before…

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Searching for your next role can be a confusing and frustrating process. Often people don’t reply to your applications, it’s hard to find good work, and you end up taking a role that is tolerable, instead of exciting. In the twenty years I’ve been working, I’ve returned to the process, again and again, and become more and more annoyed at just how frustrating it can be. In my most recent experience, I actually decided to take some of my frustrations and devise some solutions which can help you find what you want out of your search. …

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Following last week, many of us are still reeling from the shock of the election results, and still trying to work out how to we fit into this new reality, following a result we never expected to happen. Having seen this before, I have put together a few suggestions on things that you can do to try and reduce the impact, work out what to do in the coming days, weeks and years, stay positive, be helpful and, above all, maintain your sanity.

Many of us awoke last Friday 13th, that auspiciously feted day of the results of the General…

Andrew Burgess

Goth DJ and promoter. General UX superhero. Guitar axemeister in training. General music geek.

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